Golden Rules Of Skin And Beauty

Life is unfair, in the early teen years, one has to fight the acne and oily skin. And as this problem settles down as you grow older another problem which is wrinkles and dark spots pop out its head from nowhere. You can see the older version of you (not literally) with sunken eyes and age spots that interfere with your beauty and make you look older than you actually are. Skin becomes patchy, discolored and uneven. You hit the panic button and make rounds to the dermatologist’s office to instantly get rid of your problems. But, the harsh truth is that wrinkles are there to stay. Their appearance though can be delayed and minimized. How? Let’s learn about it in the article below.

Beautiful skin and healthy body is god’s gift. But, if this gift is taken too much for granted and abused and exploited then it will be a punishment and not a gift anymore. Looking after yourself is vital. Taking care of your body, listening to the body cues, taking enough rest is all part of maintaining your body and skin.

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The 5 golden rules to have a glowing skin are:

  • Exercise: Exercise will improve circulation of blood and oxygen to the body. This will pump more blood to all body parts including your skin. Healthy oxygen circulation ensures flushing out the toxins from your body, giving a natural glow to your skin and maintaining its youthfulness
  • Diet: Diet plays an important role. You are made up of what you eat. Eating healthy and nutritional foods instead of calorie dense unhealthy food is one habit that will look after your body in the long run. Your body will thank you for feeding its fair share of nutrition packed power foods.
  • Sleep: Sleeping is vital. The body needs rest for better functioning. Bodyworks continuously, so putting it to rest for few hours revives it and enhances its efficiency.
  • Fluid intake: Often we miss on drinking water frequently. Drinking enough water will solve many small issues and help to keep big issues at bay. So, keep sipping that humble glass of water every now and then.
  • Skincare: Washing your face, applying a moisturizer, using a scrub once every week, incorporating an anti-aging product to maintain skins’ youthfulness are all part of a skin care regime. Get into the habit of looking after your skin. Choose your products wisely. Derma Viva Anti-Wrinkle Complex is a very good anti-aging serum to try for your aging skin.
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Golden Rules Of Skin And Beauty
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